Megan Varely - Founder, President, Lead Designer

As a home owner of a 60 plus year old home for over 30 years, Megan Varley and her husband Nick Ciconte, have had their share of home repair and improvement projects as you would expect, but it was when their son moved away to college that Megan and Nick decided to take on their next project. While renovating the two upstairs bedrooms, in a last-minute decision, they decided to refinish the floors. Megan recalled the last time she had the floors refinished, over 20 years ago, and of course the mess, time, and expense of having them sanded. Megan, who never minded doing it with her own hands, decided to take on that sanding project herself.   


Knowing the ‘sanding’ companies would want to refinish the second floor all at once, Megan took on the task of sanding them herself. Working on 1 small room at a time, and just needing to get a ‘tooth’ on the nearly finish free floors - Why rent a sander???  So, on her hands and knees, belt sander in one hand and palm sander in the other, off she went, creating a lot of dust in her wake.  The whole time, mumbling under her breath ‘There’s got to be a better way’.  


Funny how sometimes your passion finds you or you find your passion. In the case of Megan, it was a serendipitous late-night, random internet search where Megan and her passion met.  Megan found that better way.  In 2013, New Life Floors, LLC was born.  Megan wanted to give people an alternative to traditional sanding.  Have your floors lost their finish or are starting to?  Do you like the current color?  Are the floors in good shape otherwise? No gouges, deep scratches or holes?   Sand-free may be the way to go.  It is cheaper, faster and cleaner. 


In 2014, Megan took an epoxy floor training class where she became intrigued by all the crazy and vibrant colors available. After spending time playing around with colors and techniques, Epoxy By Design was born. This new division resurfaces floors, table tops, counter tops and bar tops with versatile epoxy. 


In 2017, Megan became a certified Countertop Epoxy installer.  This training also included their revolutionary FxPoxy flooring system and Super Traxx Outdoor Sand Coating. 


Now in 2018, Megan has rebranded and launched The Surface Restoration Company, which truly represents her undeniable passion and gift for taking ANYTHING and making it look stunning and new. She is the on the forefront of the epoxy movement. She is not only committed to having the surface look amazing now but also maintaining that amazing look years later.  


Megan is currently on 2 local boards; the Delaware Small Business Chamber as the Events chairman and the Friends of the Brandywine Hundred Library on the Communications and News Letter committees. 


IN late 2017, Megan joined the leadership team for TEDxWIlmington as the Registration coordinator. 

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